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Who is Dr.  Stephanie Brown?

Stephanie Brown, MD, PCC  is an ICF credentialed coach who helps high-powered professionals reach their next levels of  SUCCESS and JOY .

Once a client has come under her wings, the transformation begins from being a  human doing  to becoming the  human being you were born to be. Learn how to release the stress, overwhelm, and worry that weigh down your wings and keep you from SOARING!


Who can she help?

  • Physicians
  • High Level Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • The Talented Tenth
  • Attorneys

Dr. Stephanie has Signature system called the REALIGN process that focuses on Resetting boundaries, Activate your why, energetic self perception, Limiting beliefs, Intentions, Goals, New narrative. She uses Core Energy Coaching   techniques to help her clients make progress, that would normally take them years, in a span of 12 weeks. Core Energy focuses on how shifting our thoughts can be used as the fulcrum to shift how we feel, what we do, and ultimately the new reality we attract to ourselves.

What is her trusted method of coaching?

What does Dr. Stephanie believe?

Adapting new ways of thinking directly relates to mind renewal. When this occurs, new feelings will emerge that promote different actions and responses, from the inside out. These are nothing more than subconscious patterns that unlock the doors to unlimited potential, uncanny creativity, and undeniable success. When mental renewal is combined with physical, spiritual, and emotional renewal, one has the perfect equation for a new and powerful transformation!

"Reaching for the new is impossible when you refuse to evict the old!"

Here's a few other important facts about ​

Stephanie Brown, MD, CPC and Stephanie Brown Coaching, LLC!

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Core Energy Model

Dr. Stephanie uses the  Core Energy Model of coaching and is a Certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner . She has been trained and certified to administer the ELI (Energy Leadership Assessment). She likes to call it the JOYMeter .

Community Leader

Dr. Stephanie loves her family and community . Currently, she is intentional in her desire to see others healed and whole. She purposefully connects with those who can see the vision and assist her in completing her assignment to serve and heal.

Making A Decision

While attending a SEAK  event in 2016 and completing her own process of restoration, it was confirmed that this was the segue she needed to take. There, she made the pertinent decision to become a Life Coach .

Balancing Acts

Because she has learned to prioritize her life and truly enjoy who she is, Dr. Stephanie Brown balances her many hats very well. She is a wife, mother, physician (20+ years), public speaker, and more!


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