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What's next on the calendar?

I am committed to changing lives and impacting as many people as possible. For that reason, I'd love for you to know when I'm coming to your area. Please see my upcoming events listed below.

Please come back for calendar updates  so you can join Dr. Stephanie  in a city near you! 

“Boundaries help decrease conflict and increase all starts with energy.”

Dr. Stephanie Brown presented at the World Bank "Internal Justice Week"


Success Women's Conference

"There are 3 types of stress, learn to identify which type you are experiencing. release the stress that is holding you back and use the rest for your your success" Dr. Stephanie Brown

“When women say they don't have female friends it breaks my heart. We are a powerful force for good and its worth it to overcome our challenges with sisterhood to unleash that is how we do it"

Dr. Stephanie Brown "Success Women's Conference"


It's important to stay connected and attend networking events.

You never know who you'll meet...

Pictured above, you'll see Stephanie Brown, MD, CPC with serial entrepreneur, world renown motivational speaker, and Author Mel Robbins . Considered a personal favorite and major inspiration of Dr. Stephanie, Mel Robbins inspires change and reminds others that they are one decision away from a new life. In the same manner, Dr. Stephanie Brown is using every opportunity afforded to do the exact  same thing - inject hope and evoke change. 

Hope to see you soon!

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