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What can Stephanie Brown Coaching, LLC offer YOU?

Group Coaching Program

When others are in the same position as us, it's easier to share thoughts and experiences openly. We find safety, relativity, and can open our minds to different perspectives.
We realize we're not the only ones desiring personal growth. In group coaching sessions, you get to cheer on others and receive that same support. The ultimate goal is for everyone  to reach their next level. The group sessions are small, but have extreme impact. Meetings are weekly via Zoom Video Conferencing .

3-Month Coaching Program  


With 90 days of consistent implementation, 1-2 goals (professional or personal) can be accomplished easily! Starting with the Joy Meter/ELI Assessment -  which helps you take inventory of where you are - our first session will be a 90-minute debrief of the ELI (via ZOOM or in person). There will be 11 weekly - 50 minute Coaching Calls to help shift you towards personal improvement. You'll also have weekly homework assignments , challenging you to grow. An AIMSMART printout, with a detailed 3-month plan for you to follow post-coaching, will be provided. Additionally,  Unlimited Email & Text Support  will be available between sessions.

Month to Month Coaching Program

Featuring short term support , this option stretches you and aids you in completing goals in a fraction of the time. Our initial session (via Zoom or in person) will be a 90 minute review and assessment of your values and goals for the month. Subsequently, we will have 3 weekly 50 minute Coaching Calls to help you make energetic shifts of improvement. When paired with the Joy Meter Assessment (E.L.I. Assessment) , a discount will be granted on the assessment and the initial 90 minute consultation will include the E.L.I debrief. If you find that you have more goals to work on, you can continue with another month of one-on-one coaching or transition to the 3 month coaching package.


Joy Meter Assessment (E.L.I.)

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (E.L.I.) is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables people to better understand their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership

capabilities. Its an attitudinal test, which is based on the energy/action model. It differs from personality assessments (ie. Myers Briggs, D.I.S.C., etc.), as it is not intended to

label a person and have them restricted to that label. Instead, it measures your energy levels (consciousness), based upon your attitude, perception, and perspective of your world.

The purpose is to help you see how your consciousness may be working for or against  you in life. It offers insight into what stops you from the inside and what supports you to get what you want. Because attitude and perception are subjective, it can be altered. You can shift them to support you, instead of holding you back. The assessment requires approximately 30 mins. It is completed online so you can schedule it at your convenience.

The debriefing session lasts approximately 60 minutes and will explain the 7 levels of energy and how to navigate yourself to higher performance.

Complimentary Session

If you're completely undecided or haven't any idea of which option to choose, this is for you! The Complimentary Session  can answer any and every question you have about life coaching and it's many benefits. During this process, you can expect to learn what coaching is, how it can help you reach goals, and discover amazing things about yourself that you were not consciously aware of. You will get to experience the power of coaching for yourself. And prior to our prescheduled session, I will send you a brief questionnaire to complete. This will ensure that our 30-40 minutes together will be impactful.






I have more 



Dr. Stephanie Brown offers hope and expertise to those who are willing to embrace their next level. Her love for seeing people healed and matured, enjoying life to the fullest, ensures that you will receive a transformational experience and become who you're destined to be! 

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